Dad as sherpa…

Planter BoxesThat is about 10cf of soil, thankfully my dad carried these down, not so thankfully I had to carry down another 16cf to fill these bad boys up. ¬†At least the rest was in 1cf bags which are a lot easier for me to handle ūüôā

On the Planter Bandwagon


It seems like¬†everyone¬†is building cedar planter boxes these days, so I decided that I would join in the fun. ¬†I considered doing them the simple way that I have seen at several sites (DIYDiva, Ana White) but I wanted something a little more formal looking. ¬†I think it took 10 times as long (oh the painting…) ¬†but I am quite pleased with the result. ¬†Also I was breaking in a new saw and I wanted to test the accuracy of the miter and learn its quirks on a reasonably forgiving project.

DSC04127DSC04128I have rather a fear of measuring things, so if I want them to be really accurate , I try to cut them at the same time.  This worked really well for this project where I was working with matched pairs of wood.

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